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Ministers' Office Handbook

Parliamentary Secretaries

Parliamentary Secretaries are appointed by the Premier under Part 4A of the Constitution Act 1902.

General Role, Rights and Responsibilities

Guidelines on the role of Parliamentary Secretaries, and on resourcing for their official responsibilities on behalf of Ministers, are set out in the following table.  The duties to be performed, and any costs incurred in performing those duties, need to be approved or endorsed by the relevant Minister.

Parliamentary Secretaries that are assigned to portfolio Ministers are supported in their administrative and logistical needs through the relevant Minister’s office budget.

All Parliamentary Secretaries are subject to the same travel rules as Ministers, which are outlined in Section 3 of this Handbook.

  Item     Guidelines  

Duties (General)

Provide assistance to the Premier and other Ministers,   including: signing correspondence; receiving deputations; undertaking special   tasks; officiating at functions; and relieving the Premier and Ministers of   some of their duties.


Parliamentary Secretaries are not permitted to sign   Executive Council Minutes or any other documents required by law to be signed   by a particular Minister or by a member of the Executive Council, nor can   they perform any other functions that may, by law, be performed only by a   Minister.


Basic salary as a Member plus 13% additional salary, plus   expense allowance of 7% of basic salary (Parliamentary   Remuneration Act 1989, Schedule 1).  Payments are made by the Legislature.

Road Transport

DPC’s road transport services may be used by Parliamentary   Secretaries for official business trips in connection with their duties as   Parliamentary Secretaries.  These   services are:

  •   vehicle and driver; or
  •   self-drive vehicle.

These services operate on a cost recovery basis and costs   are paid from the Minister’s office budget.

Vehicle records are needed for FBT, insurance and traffic   infringement purposes.

Other Transport

e.g. air

Transport for Parliamentary Secretaries may be provided   for official business purposes as determined by the Premier or relevant   Minister and should be managed by the relevant Minister.  Costs are paid from the Minister’s office   budget.

For Regional Parliamentary Secretaries, transport may be provided for official business purposes as approved by the Premier or Deputy Premier (or their delegates).

Office Accommodation

Parliamentary Secretaries work from their Parliament House   office, unless other arrangements are made with the Minister(s) they are   assisting.


Parliamentary Secretaries may be provided with a full-time   Secretary/Stenographer, Research Officer or Project Officer at the discretion   of the Minister(s) they are assisting.  Such staff assistance will be provided from   the Minister’s office budget.

Equipment, Services and Facilities

Equipment, services and facilities may be supplied if   requested, as determined by the Minister, to assist Parliamentary   Secretaries in performing their official duties.  With the Minister’s approval, costs are paid   from the Minister’s office budget.  Assistance may include:

  •   Computer equipment and services.
  •   Communication equipment, for example:
  • Telephone   services at Parliament House.
  • Mobile   telephones for business/private purposes, with the exception of private   international calls from Australia (plus GST) which need to be paid by the   Parliamentary Secretary as a private expense.

Other Assistance

A portfolio agency, on the Minister’s behalf, may provide   whatever assistance the Minister determines is required to enable a   Parliamentary Secretary to undertake their duties (i.e., use of   additional accommodation, letterhead, etc.).  If a Minister wishes the Parliamentary   Secretary to function within the Minister’s own accommodation, any costs are paid   from the Minister’s office budget.

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