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Ministers' Office Handbook

Office Accommodation and Equipment

Fitouts for Ministers’ Offices

Ministers are provided with an office in Sydney CBD and an office in Parliament House. Where the head office of an agency is located outside the central Sydney area, office facilities may be provided for the Minister at that head office.  Where a Minister has responsibility for regional matters, office facilities may be provided in an appropriate regional location.  Office locations and fitouts need to be approved by the Premier.

Advice and assistance with these matters is provided by CMS.

Any proposed relocation of equipment between Ministers’ offices should be discussed with CMS in advance.

Asset Management

CMS assists Ministers’ offices with asset management, including stocktakes, purchases, transfers and disposals.  An asset register for office IT equipment is maintained for each Minister’s office.

Loss, Theft or Damage

If office equipment (e.g., mobile phone, iPad or laptop) is lost, stolen or damaged, CMS needs to be notified.  Losses or theft of office equipment needs to be reported to the local police command and a police reference obtained.

Ministers’ Home Equipment

Equipment, services and facilities may be installed in Ministers’ homes to assist them in performing their official duties.  Purchase and installation costs will be paid from the Minister’s office budget.

Ministers may request a home security assessment by the NSW Police Force. CMS will arrange installation of any approved security measures.

Ministers’ Staff Acceptable Use of Network Services Policy

See ATTACHMENT N for the policy.

Ministers’ Staff Acceptable Use of Communication Devices Policy

See ATTACHMENT E for the policy.

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