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Ministers' Office Handbook


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The Ministers’ Office Handbook provides policy and practice material for Ministers and their staff about employment and office management arrangements following implementation of Ministers’ powers to employ staff under the Members of Parliament Staff Act 2013 (MOPS Act).

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) is responsible, under the MOPS Act, for providing administrative and other support services for Ministers and their staff. These services are delivered by the Corporate and Ministerial Services Branch (CMS).

Ministers and their staff need to familiarise themselves with the contents of the Handbook and may contact CMS for clarifications and further information. The Handbook will be updated as necessary to make sure that the contents remain current and reliable, and to pick up any suggestions for improvement.

This Handbook is separate and distinct from the Ministerial Handbook.  It does not duplicate material from other key sources such as the Members’ Handbooks and Guides issued by the Parliament, and the Parliamentary Remuneration Tribunal’s annual determination.

Information communicated by Premier’s Memoranda and DPC Circulars may require action by Ministers and their staff. Ministers’ offices need to monitor these materials and act on them as appropriate. Current Memoranda and Circulars are available on the DPC website.

General inquiries regarding the contents of the Handbook may be referred to CMS on telephone 9228 5243.

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