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Ministers' Office Handbook

Attachment K

Work Health and Safety

Management Responsibilities

All staff managing other staff have a duty to provide and maintain, as far as practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risk to health. To carry out this responsibility managers and supervisors must:

  • Ensure the Office Holder’s office work health and safety policy and procedures are implemented  effectively.
  • Ensure work health and safety duties are identified and assigned to appropriate staff.
  • Ensure regular discussions on work health and safety take place between management and staff.
  • Ensure all work health and safety procedures including hazard management, first aid, emergency action and evacuation are revised regularly.
  • Provide necessary information, training and appropriate supervision to all Office Holder staff to enable them to understand and follow safe working procedures.
  • Investigate and report to the Chief of Staff on all work health and safety incidents and accidents so that weaknesses in the WHS systems can be identified and corrected.
  • Keep up to date with developments in work health and safety legislation and standards which impact on their work area.
  • Ensure that all contractors engaged to carry out work for an Office Holder understand the safety standards expected of them and that they meet these standards in the way they carry out their work.
  • Ensure that suppliers of equipment and services understand the safety standards expected of them and that the equipment meets appropriate standards and legislative requirements.
  • Monitor current work health and safety performance and try to achieve a steadily improving standard.
  • Comply with work health and safety policy and practices applying in the place of work where staff are located. Injury reports need to be lodged with the place of work in accordance with local arrangements and copied to people&

Keeping Records

CMS will assist Office Holders with keeping the following work health and safety records:

  • Training related to work health and safety
  • Risk assessments of hazardous work
  • A register of hazardous substances used in the workplace
  • Risk management strategies, including safe work method statements and safe operating procedures as required
  • Details of consultation arrangement, and how the arrangement was formed and operates
  • A register of injuries
  • A first aid register
  • Records of all accident/incidents required to be reported to WorkCover.

Staff Responsibilities

Staff employed in an Office Holder’s office have a legal responsibility to actively contribute towards maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. To do this staff must:

  • Work safely at all times to protect their own health and safety, the health and safety of everyone with whom they work and the health and safety of any person who is at the worksite.
  • Report to their supervisor any hazards they encounter in their working day.
  • Cooperate with all safety programs being implemented and follow specified safe systems of work.
  • Participate in work health and safety consultation and training initiatives.
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