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Ministers' Office Handbook

Attachment F

Relocation Assistance for Political Office Holders' Staff


  1. The payment of assistance is decided by the political office holder or delegate.
  2. This policy covers reasonable relocation expenses, within Australia. Where a person is recruited from outside Australia, relocation expenses may only be met from the point of arrival in Australia.
  3. Assistance is paid from the political office holder’s office budget.
  4. On ceasing employment with the employing political office holder, the employee has no entitlement to relocation expenses to relocate to a new or former locality.


  1. The prospective employee has attributes that are highly desirable for the role and cannot be matched by other candidates.
  2. Any new employee who needs to relocate their home to be reasonably able to commute daily to the Sydney CBD.
  3. Assistance is agreed in the employment negotiations and the arrangements are included in the offer of employment.
  4. The prospective employee needs to be offered a contract with a length of 12 months or more.
  5. The staff member will only be reimbursed for actual expenses, with a receipt or tax invoice submitted.

Expenses Covered

  1. The types of expenses that may be covered are:
    1. Packing and relocating personal and household effects
    2. Storing personal and household effects
    3. Standard insurance cover for the relocation of personal and household effects
    4. Temporary accommodation in Sydney
    5. Travel expenses for the employee and the employee’s dependant (s);
  2. Dependants would normally be limited to the employee’s spouse/partner and/or dependant school age children residing with the employee.
  3. The relocation expenses that may be payable can vary depending on an employee’s personal and family circumstances. Employees who are required to relocate are advised to discuss their particular circumstances with the Department of Premier and Cabinet, to confirm which costs are considered reasonable and may be reimbursed, prior to any decision being taken.

Value of Assistance

  1. Financial assistance may be up to the equivalent of one fortnight’s gross pay for the new recruit, excluding employer’s contribution to superannuation (annual salary divided by 260.892, multiplied by 10). For example:
    • On a salary of $200,000 the maximum payment = $7,666
    • $200,000/260.8929 = $766 (daily rate) multiplied by 10 =$7,666 (fortnightly salary and maximum relocation reimbursement).


  1. For Ministers only, the Premier’s Chief of Staff needs to be consulted prior to the offer of relocation assistance to prospective new employees.
  2. Claims for reimbursement must be supported by three quotations from service providers and best value must be demonstrated in any case where the cheapest quotation is not accepted.
  3. Financial assistance is paid by way of reimbursement of expenses incurred by the new employee, supported by receipts, certified by the Corporate and Ministerial Services Branch and approved for payment by the political office holder’s Chief of Staff.
  4. Financial assistance is funded from the political office holder’s cost office budget.
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