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Event Starter Guide 2017


Useful websites

  • has the Event Starter Guide and the NSW Government’s Whole of Government Policy for the Application of User Charges for Major and Special Events.
  • Destination NSW focuses on driving tourism and acquiring and developing major sporting and cultural events for Sydney and regional NSW. It does this by working with industry partners to develop existing events, attract new events and maximise the economic, strategic and community benefits of events
  • Secure NSW has a mass gatherings guided self-assessment tool for owners and operators of places of mass gatherings to determine the likely attractiveness of a business to terrorist attack
  • Sponsorship Australasia, an independent, not-for-profit organisation that offers resources and talks to members on marketing and sponsorship
  • Local Community Insurance Services which is a specialist insurance provider established to manage the insurance needs of clubs and community groups within Australia
  • has a fact sheet on risk management as well as a guide for young people who wish to stage music events
  • is the website of the Arts Law Centre of Australia—a community legal centre for the arts in Australia. Here you will find sample contracts, information on arts insurance and free advice on legal issues
  • is the website of the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance, which provides information on wages for arts workers
  • lists coming events involving special traffic arrangements
  • is the website of the Office of Sport – Sport & Recreation. It has information on risk management and insurance for sporting clubs, much of which is also applicable to event organising. Click the link and type “insurance checklist” in the Search box, then follow the links
  • contains the current and historical NSW acts, regulations, planning instruments and other statutory instruments
  • is the website of the Australasian Legal Information Institute. It hosts current Australian (Commonwealth) legislation, regulations and case law

Useful publications

  • Accessible Events — A Guide for Organisers was developed by the Australian Human Rights Commission in partnership with the meeting and events industry. The Guide is designed to help event organisers ensure that events are accessible to people with a disability. It can be accessed using the link above or online from the Meetings and Events Australia (MEA) website
  • Allen, Johnny (et al), Festival and Special Event Management, 4th edn, 2008, Wiley Australia Tourism Series, ISBN 0 470 81252 4
  • Business Events Sydney, Event Planning Toolkit, including tips and resources. Available from
  • NSW Committee on Ageing, Including Us Too! Tips for events managers working with older people, 2001, available free at the website of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing, (Click on “Publications” then “Brochures and Resources”)
  • NSW Government, Guide to Traffic and Transport Management for Special Events, 2006, (available on the RMS website,, type “Special Events Guide” into the Search box).This guide has comprehensive information for event organisers, with a focus on traffic management.
  • Australia/New Zealand Standard Risk Management AS/NZ ISO 31000:2009, ISBN 0 7337 9289 8 and Risk Management Guidelines HB: 436:2004, ISBN 0 7337 5960 2
  • Web Accessibility Initiative, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, 1999. Available from

Useful international publications

  • Health & Safety Executive (UK) Managing Crowds Safely — A guide for organisers at events and venues, 2000, ISBN 071761834X. Download the PDF free or purchase the book from
  • Health and Safety Executive (UK) The Event Safety Guide —  A guide to health, safety and welfare at music and similar events, 2nd edn,1999, ISBN 0 7176 2463 6. (known as the “Purple Guide”, it can be downloaded free or purchased from
  • Department of National Heritage, Scottish Office, (UK), Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, 4th edn, 1997, ISBN 0 1130 0095 2 (known as the “Green Guide”)
  • Kemp, Chris and Iain Hill (UK) Health and Safety Aspects in the Live Music Industry, Entertainment Technology Press (Safety Series), 2004, ISBN 1 904031 22 6
  • Goldblatt, Dr Joe, (USA), Special Events — Event Leadership for a New World, The Wiley Event Management Series ISBS 0 471 45037 5
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